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You Can Be Slim Forever
You Can Be Slim Forever

This recording has been designed to reshape your mind and body. The word Diet will be erased from your mind as you lose weight the easy way by not dieting, but returning back to the way nature intended you to eat. By tuning into your body and only eating when you have true physiological need for food, you will eliminate psychological cravings and take total control of your eating habits. The powerful advanced hypnotic suggestions spoken in a soothing English female voice are complemented by state of the art digital sound for effective mind programming.

  • Change the Way You Look & Feel Forever
  • Stop Picking & Craving Between Meals
  • Never Feel Deprived, Always Feel Satisfied
  • Excellent Body Image / Healthy Relationship with Food
  • Long Lasting Lifestyle Changes
  • Steady Consistent Weight Loss
  • Confidence & Self Belief
  • Stop Feeding Emotions
  • Only Feed Your Appetite (genuine hunger)
  • Total Self Control
  • Food Can Become a Natural Experience That you Can do Three Times a Day to Survive & No Longer Controls You!

As each individual is unique, benefits may differ from person to person.


Slim Forever
Price: £5.95

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No More Boring Salads For Me!!!

- 05th July 2011

I have been using this CD for six weeks and I am amazed at how I no longer think about food. When it's in the comfort of your own home with headphones on???? AS long as it works, and it does for me. I have lost a stone simply by not giving in to my cravin...

Lorraine Is Great

- 05th July 2011

I have just completed a course with Lorraine to lose weight and in 3 weeks I have lost nearly 7lbs, I would recommend anyone to buy the CD's or make an appointment with Lorraine, she has changed my eating habits for life, I feel more confident, Thank you ...

Losing Weight and Not On A Diet - FABULOUS !!!!

- 05th July 2011

Celebs are turning to hypnosis to lose weight so I thought I would give it a go too especially after seeing how much weight my cousin has lost through hypnosis - Lilly Allen looks great and so do I now and the most fab thing is that I am not on a diet - j...


- 05th July 2011

Does it work? Absolutely! I don't know how it works because I don't always remember everything she says but the information is stored in the sub-concious.

I have tried all sorts of diets to lose weight, but have always felt deprived and hungry. This CD...

A Powerful Tool

- 05th July 2011

For years I have suffered from obesity and despite trying every type of diet pill and method on the market, I managed to lose some weight only to put it straight back on. This CD changed my whole approach to food and the way I thought about myself. My wei...

To Say This CD Is Powerful Is An Understatement!!! WOW

- 05th July 2011

I have to say I was not sure what to expect because I have tried everything and this was a last resort. I have been listening to this CD with the most amazing results. The weight is just dropping off me and I am not on a diet. For the first time in my lif...

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