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Overcome Your Anxiety
Overcome Your Anxiety

This recording has been designed to help you to overcome your anxiety by changing the way you think, which changes the way you feel and behave, as you refuse to be a slave to worrying thoughts/feelings and anxious behaviour.

Your subconscious mind will learn new coping mechanisms which you will automatically use in your day to day life to enable you to cope better with anything, anyone and any situation in a much more relaxed, calm and confident manner, as you begin to rise to challenges you wonder what it was that you were so anxious about before, as it all seems so insignificant NOW in the PRESENT moment.  The overall effects are highly successful, promoting a deep state of physical as well as mental state of relaxation, enabling you, the listener to let go of worrying habits that fuel anxiety – as worrying is future orientated - speculating the "what ifs" that cause anxiety (what if this or that happens? How will I cope?); Your mind will be trained to live in the PRESENT moment, where worry/anxiety/future what ifs cannot survive, with lasting positive change being the long term goal.

  • Can put an end to Anxiety
  • Control Your Thoughts/Feelings/Behaviours
  • Let Go of Worrying - "what ifs"
  • Create Balance & Inner Peace
  • Relaxes and Calms the Mind.
  • Enhances Physical Relaxation
  • Choose to feel Positive Energy
  • Relase Negative Energy
  • Gain Self Control & Clarity of Mind
  • Increase Your Quality of Life
  • Live in the Reality of the PRESENT moment
  • Live the Life YOU want to live.

As each individual is unique, benefits may differ from person to person


Overcome Your Anxiety
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Changed My Life

- 05th July 2011

Discovering Lorraine Ireland`s meditation CD's changed my life. I thoroughly recommend listening to her meditation CD's or working one to one with Lorraine, if you want both instant and lasting results. Lorraine has the tools to change your life for the g...

My Highest Recommendations

- 05th July 2011

My GP wanted to put me on medication , I didn't want to go down that road I told him I wanted a more natural way to deal with it now I knew there was nothing majorly wrong with me which was a relief, anyone who suffers with panic and anxiety will know it ...

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