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Coping With Difficult Times
Coping With Difficult Times

This Meditation will guide you deep within your mind to a dimension where deep insight and my suggestions show you:

  • How to Cope through Difficult Times
  • Cope with a Sudden Change of Direction
  • Cope with Loss of What was but is no more
  • Cope with Your Feelings
  • Re-Connect to Your Inner Strength/Resources
  • Gain Powerful Coping Mechanisms
  • Take Your Power back from what casued you unease
  • Use your Power to Change all that is within your Control
  • Move into Acceptance of What Is
  • Feel more Balanced as you live in the NOW
  • Rise above Challenges Presented during Difficult Times
  • Open Your Mind to Valuable Life Lessons
  • Feel Happy and at Peace regardless to what life Presents.

Gain Power and strength to glide through difficult times, as you wake up to the realisation that your happiness and a peaceful state of mind is not dependent on external circumstances – outside things are still the same but inside you feel in control– as you are more able to resolve internal conflicts, enabling you to cope so much better with anything, anyone, or any circumstance in a more peaceful manner. as you take your power back in the present moment, right NOW and let go of the negative effects of the events and happenings of the past and things you have no power to change, but instead focus your energies on all that you do have the power to change, starting with yourself; mentally, physically, including your own thought patterns, feelings and state of mind.  Take the valuable lessons from your life experiences, re-evaluate your life in the HERE and NOW and move forward, as you accept that nothing stays the same, everything changes, you rise above fear connected to difficult times and reach for your Higher Self who will always guide you

As each individual is unique, benefits may differ from person to person.


Coping With Difficult Times
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A Definite Help

- 05th July 2011

Listening to this recording was relaxing, so much so that it took a few attempts before I could listen to the whole meditation (30 mins) without falling asleep! I don't know how it works but it does. The soothing voice, the comforting words and the suppor...

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