Total Confidence


This recording has been designed to condition your unconscious mind to believe that you can achieve outstanding levels of Total Confidence and Self Belief in every area of your life, …


This recording has been designed to condition your unconscious mind to believe that you can achieve outstanding levels of Total Confidence and Self Belief in every area of your life, …

Enabling you to bring into this world the YOU that you really want to be. Such is the power of this recording it can give you the power, drive and determination to achieve all of your worthwhile goals and desires. The dynamic hypnotic suggestions spoken in a soothing voice are complemented by state of the art digital sound for effective mind programming to enable long lasting positive lifestyle changes.

  • Instant Natural Confidence in Every Area of Your Life
  • Total Self Belief
  • The Courage to Go For Anything You Want
  • The Power to Rise to Challenges
  • Shed Insecurities That Stand in Your Way of Success
  • Let Go of Negative Blockages
  • Maintain a Positive State of Mind
  • Project a Self Confident Image
  • Awaken Inner Potentials & Become the Ideal YOU

As each individual is unique, benefits may differ from person to person.


6 reviews for Total Confidence

  1. Ann Maria (Brierley Hill, West Midlands)

    It Works, I’m Confident and I’m Happy!

    I have found the ‘Total Confidence’ CD to be extremely helpful to me. The hypnotherapy has helped to re-enforce thoughts, feelings and emotions in my subconscious mind, it’s calming, relaxing and does just “what it says on the box!”, instills confidence.

    I shall listen to it regularly to keep my confidence levels up. Many thanks for your help Lorraine.

  2. Adam “Willis” (United Kingdom)

    The BEST By Far – A Must Have

    The CD lives up to it’s title and excels. I would highly recommend this CD.

    Everything about it blew me away, the voice is so mesmorising and relaxing – it draws you in – the music blends well with Lorraine’s soft tone, the words are so powerful – the CD gave me positive resources to be the person I truly want to be and to totally believe myself – I am achieving my dreams at last thanks to this CD. All of my peers are amazed at the positive changes they witness within me – I thought maybe they wouldn’t last but they just seem strengthened – like I say a MUST have – a Gem!!

  3. J. J. Falconer (Berkshire, England)

    This Is A Powerful, Life-Changing CD

    From the first time I listened to this CD, three weeks ago, I have effortlessly cut back on eating habits to three modest meals each day. Gone is the snacking and picking each evening and between meals and the weight is falling off me. This is one incredible CD.

  4. Andrew Watkins (United Kingdom)

    The Best In Motivation I Have Ever Had, Fantastic

    I have purchased Lorraine’s other 3 CD’s, the quality of the material is excellent, this one I got in an attempt to give myself improved confidence in myself, I am normally shy and retiring. Since using this CD for the past 10 days, i now feel more in control of my life, i am assertive, but not abrupt and all of my colleagues at work have noticed the difference in me and have complimented me on the change. I have since applied for a post in management in the company, I now for the first time feel that i have the confidence to succeed in all that i do. I cannot thank Lorraine enough, I hope it works for you as well as it has for me, Thank you Lorraine.

  5. A more confident person (United Kingdom)

    Total Confidence

    Well done Lorraine, yet another fantastic product that works. It does exactly what you said it can.

  6. K. jackson “marx” (United Kingdom)

    This is Amazing

    I have only been using this for a few days and wow… i suffer from shyness.. i feel so different now..i can’t wait to see how i’m feeling after a month using this cd…try this, it will change your life.

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