Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About MP3 Downloads & CD’s
From Mind & Health Matters

Do the MP3’s have the same content as the CD version ? 
All our high quality MP3 downloads include the entire contents of the original CD recording. We use the standard MP3 format, so our digital files will play on virtually any computer or portable audio player, including iPods. Periodically recordings may be updated, hence an MP3 recording may have slight minor modifications.

Can I download the MP3’s now ? 
Yes you can. Because of the size of these files, we recommend only users with access to a broadband Internet connection purchase MP3 downloads. Download files average around 30-50MB. Download times may vary, depending on Internet connection and congestion. The MP3 previews are around 2MB. Once purchased you will receive an email which provides a link to download your MP3 file from.

If I purchase a CD, when will it arrive ? 
Your CD/s will be despatched First Class Royal Mail by Pickabook who are part of Gardners Books (Britains Leading Wholesaler) and usually arrive within 3-5 working days depending upon your location.

How do the MP3 downloads work ? 
The MP3’s are very easy to purchase and download straight away.

Once you have purchased the MP3 from the website you will receive a confirmation email containing your purchase details. Also included in this email is a hyperlink to your download. Click this link and it will open a link in your computers browser. This can be played straight away in your browser. However please remember to save your MP3 download at this stage. To do this, in your browser click File > Save As, and select the location on your computer where you want to save your MP3 file.

To play your MP3 file simply click on the MP3 file on your hard drive and it will automatically launch the default MP3 player, this may be ITunes or Windows Media Player for example.

How Do I Use My Recording ?

Listen to your chosen MP3/CD recording in a quiet comfortable place where you can safely relax without being disturbed. Sit or lie down with your eyes closed.

DO NOT use any of the MP3/CD recordings whilst driving, operating machinery, or whilst participating in anything that requires your full attention.

For maximum benefits it is advisable to listen through headphones.

Listening to your chosen CD / MP3 recording regularly will re-enforce the hypnotic suggestions. It is ideal to play daily for the first seven days and thereafter at least once per week for the first 6 weeks. After this period play to suit your individual needs.

If you fall asleep before you reach the end there is no need to worry because your unconscious mind has the ability to absorb all the positive suggestions for your highest benefit even during light sleep states.

If for any reason you need to wake up, or if there is an emergency, please be safe in the knowledge that your unconscious mind has the ability to awaken you.

Some people remember everything they have heard, others feel the same kind of feelings they have when awakening from a pleasant dream, remembering only bits or very little – either way that’s fine.